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Dr. Hernandez Returns to Fox 9 to Discuss the Importance of Sleep Routines

After speaking to Fox 9 News “The Buzz” on August 24th, Dr. Hernandez joins Fox 9 “Community Connection” to explain the importance of a sleep routine for kids, as well as sharing some tips and suggestions for how to encourage … Continue reading

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Dr. Friday interviewed for Women’s Health Article, “How Your Sleep Changes During Every Stage of Life”

  Dr. Tacjana Friday, board certified neurologist and sleep medicine specialist at Noran Clinic, was recently interviewed for an article in Women’sHealth published on Feb. 25th, 2016. This article covers the ways in which sleep changes from birth to retirement … Continue reading

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Sleep Tips: Quiet your mind and get some sleep!

For many people, the hardest part about getting quality, restful sleep is just getting started.  You’re in bed, the lights are turned off, and now suddenly it seems your brain is turned ON.  In some cases, anxiety can play a role in racing … Continue reading

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