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Noran Clinic’s Multiple Sclerosis MRI Testing Protocol

The Noran Neurological Clinic offers an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) protocol when scanning for multiple sclerosis through its imaging department called the Minnesota Diagnostic Center. This protocol is based on research that underscored the value of tracking changes seen in brain … Continue reading

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Remembering your dreams: Dream recall frequency and content in patients with temporal lobe epilepsy

The temporal lobes in the brain help process emotion and memory. A new study shows that people with temporal lobe seizures may have an increased ability to remember their dreams…read more

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Magnetic Brain Stimulation

Magnetic Stimulation of the Brain is being researched as a possible option for stroke recovery patients….read more

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CT – Head

Your Provider has ordered a CT of your Brain. Find out what you can expect during your procedure…read more

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MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and multiple sclerosis (MS)

What role does MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) play in multiple sclerosis (MS)?….read more

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