Mask Donation Drive

Update 8/25/2020:

Thank you!

We are so appreciative of all of the donations that have come in over the summer, and are very grateful to share that we are no longer in need of mask donations. Thank you to everyone who offered their time, resources, and generosity in donating masks to our clinics for staff and patients. 


Hello Noran Clinic Community,

We are so appreciative of everything our staff and providers have done to so quickly adapt to the effects of the coronavirus on the healthcare field, our patients, and all of your families. Like all medical groups seeing patients at this time, we are persistently working to acquire the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) that is needed for us to continue to see patients in a manner safe for our physicians, APPs, nurses, and other in-clinic staff – and most importantly, our patients. While PPE is a must for any patient facing role, most clinics in the area are allowing non-patient facing staff and patients to wear homemade masks as a safety precaution when in clinic, while preserving critical PPE. As we look at how the careful reopening of the state and Noran Clinic services will impact onsite staff and the number of patients being seen in person, we want to be sure that every one of our staff – and patients – have access to a mask.

With this in mind, we are joining so many other clinics in asking for donations of masks.

We are pleased to share that we have already reached out to our own internal Noran Clinic staff, and have had a great response. We have current employees, family members, and even retired employees who have already donated, or are currently making/collecting donations as we speak! These are individuals who are demonstrating their commitment to the safety and care of their coworkers and our patients, above and beyond the important work that is part of their career with our clinic. All of us at Noran Neurological Clinic couldn’t be prouder, and are so very grateful for their personal extra time and effort.

Even with this wonderful start, our goal is to expand our collection of masks so that we can maintain an ongoing supply to offer our patients for as long as masks are needed. Those who may not have a reusable homemade mask of their own can be given one to wear while they are at a Noran Clinic appointment and then take it home to keep and continue to use. We are already asking patients scheduled to be seen in person that they bring one from home, but understand that not everyone has been able to access a homemade or other mask. We have already added important policies for the health and safety of our staff and patients during this time, and want to include this added level of protection. Many neurological patients have conditions that affect their immunity and/or have existing health conditions, but must still travel in person to receive essential treatments. Masking everyone is an additional level of protection for these vulnerable patients, as well as for all of the others in our clinics and communities.

We are now also asking our online Noran Clinic community to help assist in meeting this important need. 

Many of you may already be sewers and crafters who have been making masks for friends, family, or donation. Some of you may not be making them yet, but have the skills and willingness to do so. Maybe you don’t sew yourself, but know of another family member or friend who is making/donating and might be willing to offer a few in support.

We are suggesting the mask styles recommended by other health systems, as shown here:

Basic Face Mask Instructions – Adult and Child
Advanced Face Mask Instructions

We see both adult and pediatric (child) patients, and are in need of both sizes. Any mask donations are welcome, and will help in protecting our neurological community of patients, staff, and providers.

Donations can be dropped off at our clinic locations in Minneapolis, Blaine, or Lake Elmo/Woodbury. Donation boxes are located just outside the doors to our clinic lobby.

They can also be mailed to:
Noran Neurological Clinic
Attn: M. Bergman
2828 Chicago Ave., Suite 100
Minneapolis, MN 55407

For questions about mask donations, please use this contact form.

We sincerely thank the many providers and employees who have already gone above and beyond in supporting each other over the last several weeks. We recognize that we have all been working incredibly hard to adapt to the changes in our world, clinic, and personal lives amidst the pandemic while staying committed to serving patients with neurological needs that shouldn’t wait to be addressed.

Again, thank you! Let’s work to stay healthy, and let’s get through this together.

With Gratitude,

Noran Neurological Clinic
Doctors, APPs, Nurses, and Staff

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