Dr. Orehek Discusses 23andMe with WCCO

You may have seen the news last month about the at-home genetic testing company 23andMe recently receiving approval from the FDA to provide genetic testing for genes associated with risk of 10 different diseases or conditions, including late-onset Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. Board-Certified Neurologist and Movement Disorder Specialist Dr. Eleanor Orehek discussed what this means and the implications of testing for your genetic risk factors with WCCO radio on April 18th. If you missed her interview, you can listen to it below.


For more information, read this breakdown from the Alzheimer’s Association on this new at-home test:
FDA Approves At-Home Test for an Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Gene: What You Need to Know

Orehek_Eleanor_webFor more information on Dr. Orehek, visit her bio page: Dr. Eleanor Orehek

If you or a loved one may be experiencing possible symptoms of a dementia, Parkinson’s, or another neurological disease, feel free to contact Noran Neurological Clinic to schedule an appointment with an experienced neurologist at 612.879.1500.

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