Dr. Friday joins Jodi Ricatta on “Inside Healthcare” to discuss seizures and epilepsy

Dr. Tacjana Friday, board certified neurologist and epileptologist (a neurologist who specializes in the treatment of epilepsy and seizure disorders), was recently interviewed on Inside HealthCare as a guest expert on epilepsy and seizures. She and host Jodi Ricatta discuss epilepsy, seizure, treatments, triggers and more. If you missed the May show, you can watch it below.

You can also find the original video on the OLTV19 YouTube channel here:
Inside HealthCare May 2016

For more information and interviews from Dr. Tacjana Friday, visit her bio page at Noran Clinic’s website: Dr. Tacjana Friday

If you or a loved one may be experiencing seizures or spells that may indicate seizure activity, speak with your primary care doctor or contact Noran Neurological Clinic at 612-879-1500 to schedule an appointment with a neurologist specializing in epilepsy and seizure disorders.

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