Boxing-fitness: A new tool in battling Parkinson’s Disease

The Pioneer Press recently ran an article featuring a new boxing class offered by Title Boxing that is aimed at improving fitness and, it has been found, slowing the progression of Parkinson’s Disease.

“Exercise is the closest thing we have to a cure,” said Okeanis Vaou, a neurologist and Parkinson’s specialist at Noran Neurological Clinic in Lake Elmo and Minneapolis. “It would be misleading to say exercise arrests the progression of the disease, but it can slow it significantly. I have patients who exercise two to three hours per day, every single day, and they are doing phenomenally well. I also have patients who were exercising and then they stopped abruptly for whatever reason, and within six months I see this fast decline.”

~Twin Cities Pioneer Press article, “Battling Parkinson’s in Minneapolis-St. Paul? Box It”

You can read the full article on the Twin Cities Pioneer Press website here:
“You can’t beat Parkinson’s, but you can sure as hell punch it”

You can find information on boxing classes and contact information for Title Boxing on their website, Per the article, the Arden Hills and Coon Rapids locations already offer Parkinson’s focused boxing classes.

If you or someone you love are concerned about an ongoing tremor, or have already been diagnosed with essential tremor or Parkinson’s Disease and are interested in learning more about possible treatment options, please call Noran Neurological Clinic at 612-879-1500 for an appointment with one of our movement specialists.

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