Fox 9 News Story: Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery

Board Certified neurologist and movement disorder specialist Dr. Okeanis Vaou has had an ongoing passion for evaluating, treating and managing the medical care of people with movement disorders. Over the past year, she has worked closely with neurosurgeon Dr. Gregg Dyste of Metropolitan Neurosurgery and Abbott Northwestern Hospital/Allina Health to identify patients who are eligible for deep brain stimulation (DBS) surgery and guide them through the process leading up to and after surgery. One of their patients, Dennis Russell, was diagnosed with essential tremor and recently underwent DBS to treat the tremor in his right hand. In the story that aired March 23rd, 2016, Dennis was interviewed by Fox 9 News about his condition, the DBS procedure, and the impact it has had on his tremor and his life.


For more information about Dr. Okeanis Vaou, visit her bio page here

If you or someone you love are concerned about an ongoing tremor, or have already been diagnosed with essential tremor or Parkinson’s Disease and are interested in learning more about possible treatment options which may include deep brain stimulation, please call Noran Neurological Clinic at 612-879-1500 for an appointment with one of our movement specialists.

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