The Position of the Noran Clinic on the Medicinal Use of Marijuana

The Noran Clinic affirms its goal of providing state of the art medical care for all neurological conditions. We aim to provide our patients with treatments that are scientifically proven to be safe and therapeutically effective.
  1. Marijuana has not been adequately studied according to federal standards. Therefore, its benefits and risks are still not scientifically proven by sound research. We view it like any other medicine under development.
  2. Under the MN medical marijuana program, the treating provider will not have any control over the dosage and active ingredients (THC vs CBD) of the substance to be dispensed. Instead, the Cannabis Patient Centers will be making these important clinical decisions without input from the provider.
  3. Medical marijuana will not be covered by any health insurance plans. We do not want to create additional expenses for our patients until we better understand its safety and health benefits.
Because of these reasons, the Noran Clinic will not be participating in the state medical marijuana program at this time. 
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6 Responses to The Position of the Noran Clinic on the Medicinal Use of Marijuana

  1. CeAnne Ryding-Becker says:

    By having this policy, you are prohibiting our doctors from acknowledging to the state department of health that we have been diagnosed with one of the qualifying conditions. That is basically the ONLY thing the doctors would need to do. They would not be saying that they approve of their patient using medical cannabis or that they even believe it is a viable treatment. It is simply acknowledging our diagnosis. You could even create a Waiver of Liability and Hold Harmless Agreement for patients to sign releasing Noran of any responsibility.

    Try to think about this in another way. By certifying patients that request it, you would be helping to ensure that they are receiving clean, quality, consistent, and safe medication. Instead, many patients who have been desperately waiting for this may turn to illegal and questionably safe street marijuana.

    It shouldn’t be this hard for your patients who want the legal ability to at least have another treatment option for their qualifying diagnoses. You have the opportunity to be leaders and role models, and to make a real difference in the lives of many Minnesota patients. Please have faith in the doctors at your clinics and allow them to certify patients who do indeed qualify to participate in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program.

  2. David Dailey says:

    Good afternoon,

    This is upsetting news. My mother passed away last year from liver failure from years of taking prescribed narcotics, I fear that my children will not be able to enjoy my later years as I too have to take these medicines to work day to day. I was really hoping that Noran would approach this more openly and move their patients away from the opiods that are prescribed and the addictions that come from them.

    As a previous user for relief from Hereditary Spastic Para paresis (Albiet illegally) I know first hand the relief that comes with out the side effects.

    This is a sad day as a patient of Noran Clinic, and I hope that the faculty re-evaluates this position.

  3. CeAnne Ryding-Becker says:

    The MN Dept of Health has recently recently published the following document:
    “Health Care Practitioner Guidance for Minnesota’s Medical Cannabis Program”

    An HCP (Health Care Practitioner) who has registered as such in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Registry does not prescribe medical cannabis of any kind. The HCP’s role in the program is to determine, in the HCP’s medical judgment, if a patient suffers from a qualifying medical condition, and, if the clinician is willing to certify the patient, if this is determined, provide the patient with a certification of that diagnosis. Once an HCP certifies a patient’s qualifying condition and the patient has registered and been approved for enrollment by MDH, the patient will be able to visit one of eight Cannabis Patient Centers where a licensed pharmacist will incorporate the qualifying condition, current medical conditions and medication taken by the patient as well as other information provided on the patient’s self-evaluation report to determine the form, dosage and frequency of the medical cannabis to be taken by the patient. All medical cannabis available in the Minnesota program is in either pills, oil, or liquid form as vaporization is allowed. No raw leaf, flowers, or edibles are allowed under Minnesota law.

    This document provides a very good description of a Health Care Practitioner’s actual role in the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program. Please pass this information on to the decision makers at Noran. I know that I am not the only patient at Noran who is seriously considering finding a new neurologist outside of Noran if the policy does not change soon.

    Here are two other links from the MN Dept of Health that help address the first two “excuses” for your position that are stated above. As for the third one, people who are low income or on SSDI receive discounts.

    United States Patent 6630507 “Cannabinoids as antioxidants and neuroprotectants” issued to The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services

    One more thing to consider, President Barack Obama had originally tapped Dr. Sanjay Gupta to be the United States Surgeon General. Unfortunately, he turned it down. Dr. Gupta is the Chief Medical Correspondent at CNN. He is also a practicing neurosurgeon who fully supports medical cannabis. He has three documentaries about medical cannabis.
    WEED – A CNN Special Report by Dr. Sanjay Gupta:
    WEED 2 – Cannabis Madness – Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports
    WEED 3 – The Marijuana Revolution – Dr. Sanjay Gupta Reports

    • CeAnne Ryding-Becker says:

      This is in addition to the comment that I posted on July 14, 2015 at 1:37 am. Per your position statement above:
      3. Medical marijuana will not be covered by any health insurance plans. We do not want to create additional expenses for our patients until we better understand its safety and health benefits.
      If you truly care about an additional expense, allow your doctors to certify us. There are other clinics that are certifying people who are not their own patients at a cost of $250.00 cash. All that is required is for us to bring them our medical records showing that we have a qualifying condition and that we are being treated for it. A one hour appointment with a physician at their clinic to review our records, discuss our options, and you get certified.

    • nora8584 says:

      Thank you, we value your feedback and do pass along to the appropriate people. We will continue to monitor the progress of the Minnesota Medical Cannabis Program.

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