Meet the Stroke Specialists of Noran Neurological Clinic

We have 34 adult and pediatric neurologists at Noran Neurological Clinic, and all are very experienced in treating patients with neurological disorders of all kinds. Furthermore, each of our providers is expertly trained in evaluating and treating patients with stroke. However, several of our neurologists have developed a special interest in stroke and work closely with the other specialists at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in post-stroke evaluations and treatment planning. They each continue to work with all types of neurological conditions and have additional interests as well. We’d like to introduce the providers who have developed a subspecialty within the area of stroke. A link to each provider’s bio is included below.

Dr. David P. Dorn, MD






Tarrel_Ronald_webDr. Ronald M. Tarrel, DO






todd_adam_webDr. Adam J. Todd, MD







You can find bios for all of our doctors, Allied Health Professionals, and Neuropsychologists at our main bio page,

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