A Q&A with Pediatric Neurologist Dr. Steve Janousek

Dr. Steven JanousekSteven Janousek, MD is a Board Certified Neurologist with Noran Neurological Clinic. He is additionally qualified in Pediatric Neurology. He has undergone further training and certification, enabling him to read and interpret electroncephalograms, or EEG’s, for both his own patients and for other providers’ patients when ordered, and also has special interests in Epilepsy and Neonatal Neurology. In this Question and Answer session which Dr. Janousek originally completed for Minnesota Monthly, we get to know Dr. Janousek and his practice a little better!



Question: What is the research finding or treatment in your field that has you most excited about practicing medicine in 2015 and the years to come?

Answer: Devices which interface with the human nervous system are being developed. One of the earliest useful examples of this was cochlear implantation. This technology has allowed some deaf people to hear. I hope that during my lifetime I will see such interfaces successfully applied to other systems; perhaps someday allowing the blind to see or restoring the ability to walk following a spinal cord injury. Of course, these are at this point  dreams for the future.  But such advances seem to be theoretically possible.


Question: How has your field of practice changed since you graduated medical school and what changes do you see on the horizon?

Answer: I began practice in the pre-internet era. If I had a question about a rare medical condition, I would spend a weekend in a medical library going through lists of journals, ordering articles- oftentimes from overseas- and perhaps getting an answer to my questions by mail in two to three weeks. Currently, the same investigation can take place in such a brief period of time that I can often give patients an answer to our questions while they are in the office.


Question: What should a patient keep in mind when visiting a physician in order to obtain the best outcome?

Answer: I find the most successful and rewarding office visits with my patients to occur when we work together on a treatment program. I can recommend therapies and treatments for patients, but unless those plans are modified to fit the specific constraints of a particular individual’s situation it may not be possible to fully implement the recommendations. In addition, the outcome is obviously better when a patient has a full understanding of the rationale for my recommendations. I believe that time spent educating someone about their particular condition and about treatment options is time well spent.


Question: What is a piece of information about your field of practice that you wish all patients knew in order to promote their health?

Answer: In this day, we have many medications that can treat many previously untreatable conditions. However, I wish patients had a greater appreciation for the fact that medication management for various conditions, while very helpful, in many cases is not the only answer. Various therapies, oftentimes requiring additional time and effort from the patient, may be necessary for a better overall outcome.


Question: What would you like your patients to know about your job that you feel they don’t?

Answer: I cannot imagine that my patients have any idea how incredibly educational and rewarding I find my career in medicine to be. As physicians we are privy to situations involving humanity that very few people have access to. A career in medicine is truly a lifelong lesson in understanding who we are and what it means to be human.


Thank you Dr. Janousek!


To learn more about Dr. Steven Janousek and how he works with his patients, you can watch a video featuring Dr. Janousek from the Child Neurology Foundation on his bio page:


If you have additional questions about pediatric neurology or would like to schedule your child for an appointment with a pediatric neurologist, please contact Noran Neurological Clinic at 612-879-1500.

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