MRI Technologist at Boston University Medical School has fun with MRI

MRI of an Artichoke, image by Andy Ellison,

MRI of an Artichoke, image by Andy Ellison,

Here at Noran Neurological Clinic, we provide a variety of imaging services, including high field 1.5 Tesla MRI scanners. Although our MRI technologists and radiologists see and diagnose interesting and diagnostically important images of the human body every day, our MRI machines are used just for that purpose.

So, we were excited and interested to come across the blog of MRI technologist Andy Ellison from Boston University Medical School. In his blog, Inside Insides, Mr. Ellison does something surprisingly cool looking – he uses the even higher field 3.0 Tesla* that is on site for research at the University’s Center for Biomedical Imaging, and takes full MRI images of fruits and vegetables. His MRI images can even be purchased as prints! You are also able to explore the different MRI “slices” of some of the fruits and veggies in an interactive 3D option, much the same way a doctor can explore different levels of an MRI of the brain or other body part.

If you are curious about how an MRI works or what a pineapple looks from the inside, check out

* The stronger the magnet, the better the image quality, the higher the resolution, and the greater the clarity. Anything above a 1.0T is consider a high field MRI, whereas those weaker than this are mid-field or low-field MRI.


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