PAME Conference June 19-22, 2014

Although Epilepsy can oftentimes be managed with the help of a treatment plan and the support of doctors, family and friends, the sudden unexpected death of a person with epilepsy (SUDEP) is just that – sudden and unexpected.  SUDEP Aware, a non-profit awareness organization devoted to this concern, shares the following definition of SUDEP:

“Sudden, unexpected, witnessed or unwitnessed, nontraumatic and nondrowning death in patients with epilepsy, with or without evidence for a seizure and excluding documented status epilepticus, in which postmortem examination does not reveal a toxicologic or anatomic cause for death.”

SUDEP definition per Nashef 1997

For the second year, PAME – Partners Against Mortality in Epilepsy – is hosting a PAME Conference in partnership with the American Epilepsy society to bring awareness and share research with medical professionals, families, and patients.

For more information on this event, and to register to attend, you can visit the PAME Conference page:

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions about SUDEP, you can check out this FAQ sheet provided by PAME and the American Epilepsy Society:

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