Great resource to find free or low cost medication programs

Medications can be a very important part of managing a medical condition, often in conjunction with other therapies and healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, as many patients know, they can also be one of the most expensive aspects of a treatment plan.  What some people may not know is that a number of pharmaceutical companies offer assistance for patients to help cover certain medications.  You can often find information on the medication manufacturer’s website on how to go about applying for free or discounted medication, but here is another great resource that is searchable for a variety of medications:

This site provides a searchable database for two types of applications: those that need to be completed by your physician’s office, and applications that a patient is able to complete and submit on his or her own.

RxAssist Homepage

Image of RxAssist Homepage

Not all medications have assistance programs available, but this is a great place to start finding out if there is help to cover your medications.

RxAssist Patient Center Page

Image of RxAssist Patient Center Page

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2 Responses to Great resource to find free or low cost medication programs

  1. Kathleen Corcoran says:

    I think your Doctor or even the front desk should give patients the information about RX assist program when a patient comes in for a procedure that the RX assist program covers

    • nora8584 says:

      Hi Kathleen, thank you for your comment regarding this! Our medical staff have access to this site as well, and use it if they do not have a known assistance form on hand. I am also forwarding on your suggestion to the clinical department, since that is likely where any information regarding medication or medication assistance would be addressed. It is always open for individuals to search for medications, whether for neurology or another type of issue, so even if does not have assistance available for a medication prescribed by our providers there may be something prescribed by a primary or other doctor that could be useful as well. I hope that it has been helpful to have, and we will re-share this resource on our social media sites for others who may not be aware of it.

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