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TedTalks – Why do we sleep?

Russel Foster presents on why we sleep, and how sleep quality interacts with mental health and addiction issues.  Pretty interesting! You can find the TedTalks website and original talk here. If you or a loved one are not getting quality sleep, … Continue reading

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HealthDay Article: FDA Approves New Magnet Device to Treat Migraines

In December, the FDA approved a device called a magnetic stimulator that is intended to treat migraine pain.  Here is an excerpt from the article by EJ Mundell found on WebMD: “The Cerena Transcranial Magnetic Stimulator would be obtained through prescription, the FDA … Continue reading

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Diabetic Neuropathy – Prevention, Symptoms, and Treatment

As a neurology specialty group, we regularly see patients who have been battling the affects of diabetes on the nervous system.  Unfortunately, poorly controlled or severe diabetes can lead to damage of the nerves – most commonly, the feet in … Continue reading

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PBS Newshour story looks at prevention in Alzheimer’s

  This story from PBS Newhour on January 6th, 2014 explores a shift in how some researchers are approaching Alzheimer’s.  Without a cure, researchers say it may be just as important to begin treating Alzheimer’s before symptoms start and prevent the onset altogether, rather than … Continue reading

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Dr. Vaou discusses non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s on The Mary Hanson Show

If you missed Dr. Okeanis Vaou’s discussion of non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease on The Mary Hanson Show last night, you can watch it below.  You can also find the original on the Mary Hanson youtube channel here.  

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Dr. Vaou on the Mary Hanson Show tonight at 9pm CST

Tune in tonight at 9:00PM CST to Channel 6 MCN (Metro Cable Network) to watch Dr. Okeanis Vaou discuss the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease on The Mary Hanson Show.

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Great resource to find free or low cost medication programs

Medications can be a very important part of managing a medical condition, often in conjunction with other therapies and healthy lifestyle.  Unfortunately, as many patients know, they can also be one of the most expensive aspects of a treatment plan.  What some … Continue reading

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Article in Momentum magazine explores the emotional symptoms common to MS

Momentum, the magazine of the National MS Society, recently featured an article by Alice G. Walton, PhD, discussing the different emotional symptoms that are oftentimes experienced alongside multiple sclerosis.  Grief, depression, anxiety, rapid shifts in mood, and PBA (pseudobulbar affect) are all … Continue reading

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