Noran Clinic’s Multiple Sclerosis MRI Testing Protocol

The Noran Neurological Clinic offers an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) protocol when scanning for multiple sclerosis through its imaging department called the Minnesota Diagnostic Center. This protocol is based on research that underscored the value of tracking changes seen in brain scans, such as increases in total lesions and brain atrophy, in predicting the course of MS.

The protocol also uses a precise positioning technique to insure that the patient’s first scan, and any later MRIs, can be more accurately compared. The radiology report includes two sections:

  • The study findings and radiologists’s impressions.
  • A grid that details the evidence of lesion activity at various locations in the brain and whether there is evidence of atrophy. (This grid permits the same data to be gathered and compared when follow-up scans are ordered.)

This “MS MRI Testing Protocol” assures that patients and their physicians can better understand progression of MS and make more informed decisions as a result.

Click here to learn more about the Minnesota Diagnostic Center.

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