Dr. Orehek Discusses 23andMe with WCCO

You may have seen the news last month about the at-home genetic testing company 23andMe recently receiving approval from the FDA to provide genetic testing for genes associated with risk of 10 different diseases or conditions, including late-onset Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Disease. Board-Certified Neurologist and Movement Disorder Specialist Dr. Eleanor Orehek discussed what this means and the implications of testing for your genetic risk factors with WCCO radio on April 18th. If you missed her interview, you can listen to it below.


For more information, read this breakdown from the Alzheimer’s Association on this new at-home test:
FDA Approves At-Home Test for an Alzheimer’s Disease Risk Gene: What You Need to Know

Orehek_Eleanor_webFor more information on Dr. Orehek, visit her bio page: Dr. Eleanor Orehek

If you or a loved one may be experiencing possible symptoms of a dementia, Parkinson’s, or another neurological disease, feel free to contact Noran Neurological Clinic to schedule an appointment with an experienced neurologist at 612.879.1500.

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Spring Parkinson’s Symposium on May 13th, 2017

5.13 Spring PD Symposium


Dr. Eleanor Orehek, board-certified neurologist and movement disorder specialist at Noran Neurological Clinic, will join other local specialists in an educational conference on Parkinson’s Disease on May 13th. For more information or to register, call Anushka at 651-241-8297 or visit udall.umn.edu.

Printable PDF Flyer: 5.13 Spring PD Symposium

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Dr. Friday Joins Jodi Ricatta to Explore Dementia on “Inside Health Care”

Dr. Tacjana Friday, board certified neurologist, was recently interviewed on Inside Health Care as a guest neurological expert on dementia. She and host Jodi Ricatta discuss dementia, including touching on early dementia as has been mentioned in the case of David Cassidy, as well as some of the treatable causes of memory difficulties. If you missed the March show, you can watch it below.

You can also find the original video on the OLTV19 YouTube channel here:
Inside Health Care March 2017

For more information and interviews from Dr. Tacjana Friday, visit her bio page at Noran Clinic’s website: Dr. Tacjana Friday

If you or a loved one may be experiencing symptoms that could be indicators of dementia, speak with your primary care doctor or contact Noran Neurological Clinic at 612-879-1500 to schedule an appointment with a neurologist specializing in dementia and other memory concerns.

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Dr. Tarrel Shares Early Warning Signs of MS with KARE 11 News

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month, and we were happy to see the news take a few minutes to draw attention to this neurologic disease. Dr. Ronald Tarrel, DO, board-certified neurologist with Noran Neurological Clinic and Abbott Northwestern Hospital, met with the KARE 11 News team on Monday, March 20th, to review some of the risk factors and early warning signs of Multiple Sclerosis. If you missed it, you can watch the brief but important interview below.

For more information on Multiple Sclerosis

Dr. Ronald Tarrel, DO

Dr. Ronald Tarrel, DO


For more information about Dr. Ronald Tarrel, visit his bio page here:
Dr. Ronald Tarrel, DO






If you are concerned that you or a loved one may be exhibiting early signs of multiple sclerosis or another neurologic disorder, all neurologists at Noran Neurological Clinic are experienced in the evaluation and diagnosis of this and other conditions. Several neurologists have developed additional sub-specialty interest in working with Multiple Sclerosis patients, and we encourage you to visit the Noran Clinic Multiple Sclerosis page to learn more. Call us for more information or to schedule an appointment at 612.879.1500.

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Dr. Richard Golden Discusses Dementia with WCCO

Dr. Richard Golden, MD, board-certified neurologist with Noran Neurological Clinic, joined both WCCO radio and WCCO TV for discussions about dementia in light of the recent story about David Cassidy’s diagnosis. If you missed them, below are the news interviews.

Dr. Golden spoke with WCCO News Radio on Feb. 23rd, 2017:


Dr. Golden also spoke with WCCO News in person on Feb. 25th, 2017:


In Dr. Golden’s interviews, he mentions the 10 early signs of dementia from the Alzheimer’s Association. To read more, visit the Alzheimer’s Association’s page “Memory Loss & 10 Early Signs of Alzheimer’s“. He also talks about risk factors, ways to reduce your risk, and the guidelines from the Academy of Neurology when it comes to driving safety for those with dementia. For information about driving and dementia, read the AAN’s “Driving With Dementia: Understanding the Safety Risks“. As Dr. Golden explains, there are other conditions that can sometimes mimic symptoms of dementia that are treatable. If you have concerns about yourself or a loved one, it is always good to talk to your doctor – the sooner the issue is identified, the better the chance of making changes or starting treatment that may help.


Richard Golden, MD



For more information and interviews with Dr. Golden, visit his bio page:
Dr. Richard Golden, MD





If you or a loved one may be showing signs of memory loss or dementia, talk to your primary care provider or call Noran Neurological Clinic at 612.879.1500 to make an appointment with a neurologist.

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Dr. Vaou Discusses Deep Brain Stimulation on the Mary Hanson Show

Dr. Okeanis Vaou, board certified neurologist at Noran Clinic and fellowship trained in sleep medicine and movement disorders, has been a recurring guest on The Mary Hanson Show to discuss the non-motor symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease. As an expert in Parkinson’s Disease and other movement disorders, Dr. Vaou is also very involved in Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS) in the treatment of symptoms in appropriate surgical candidates. In a recent interview that aired November 26th, 2016, Mary Hanson and Dr. Vaou discuss this important and life-changing option for those living with Parkinson’s and essential tremor. Watch the video below of her interview and learn more about Deep Brain Stimulation with Mary Hanson and Dr. Okeanis Vaou.

You can find the original video posted on Mary Hanson’s YouTube page here: Mary Hanson Interviews Dr. Vaou About Deep Brain Stimulation.

You can also watch the previous interviews with Dr. Vaou:

Mary Hanson Interviews Dr. Vaou About the Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s (2013)
Mary Hanson Interviews Dr. Vaou About Depression and Parkinson’s (2014)
Mary Hansen Interviews Dr. Vaou About Dementia and Parkinson’s (2016)

To learn more about Dr. Vaou, visit her bio page here.


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Dr. Friday Discusses Exercise and the Brain with Fox 9


In case you you missed it, Dr. Friday joined Fox 9 on Oct. 2nd to discuss the effects of exercise and the brain in light of a new study that recently came outExercise has both direct and indirect impacts on the brain, and regular exercise can help boost or maintain these benefits. To hear Dr. Friday explore the connection, watch the video above.

Here is the original study article from Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience Hippocampal and Cerebral Blood Flow After Exercise Cessation in Master Athletes

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Informational Program on Living with Seizures on Nov. 3rd


VNSTherapy® is sponsoring a free educational event on Thursday, November 3rd featuring Noran Clinic board certified Neurologist and Epileptologist Dr. Tacjana Friday, and including a representative from the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota.

Invitation Printable PDF: Epilepsy Program with Dr. Friday

If you have additional questions about epilepsy or seizure and would like to schedule an appointment with a neurologist experienced in the management of this condition, please contact Noran Neurological Clinic at 612-879-1500.

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Dr. Hernandez Returns to Fox 9 to Discuss the Importance of Sleep Routines

After speaking to Fox 9 News “The Buzz” on August 24th, Dr. Hernandez joins Fox 9 “Community Connection” to explain the importance of a sleep routine for kids, as well as sharing some tips and suggestions for how to encourage kids to get into a healthy sleep routine.

Watch the latest interview from September 24th, 2016 above. You can also find the previous interview from August here: Getting Your Kids Back Into a Sleep Routine for School

For more information on Dr. Eric Hernandez, visit his bio page:
Dr. Eric Hernandez, MD, PhD

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Neuropsychologist Dr. Sonia Mosch to be at the MN State Fair for “Ask the Expert”

sonia_mosch_webDr. Sonia Mosch, PhD., Clinical Neuropsychologist for the MN Wild (NHL Concussion Program), will be at the HealthStar booth for “Ask the Expert”

Minnesota State Fairgrounds – August 29, 2016

Dr. Mosch performs neuropsychological assessments for individuals concerned about the onset of Alzheimer’s and other dementias. If you have questions concerning the brain, now is your opportunity to “Ask the Expert”. Dr. Mosch will be available to discuss:

  • The purpose for assessments, general methods, and uses in diagnoses of dementia versus normal aging;
  • What to expect if you are referred for a neuropsychological assessment due to dementia concerns/symptoms, and;
  • Recommendations that may arise from a neuropsychological assessment;
  • Other questions fairgoers may have regarding Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“ASK THE EXPERT” to be held August 29 from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM in the East Crossroads Auditorium/ Health Fair 11 Bldg. (Corner of Dan Patch & Cooper).

Dr. Sonia Coelho Mosch, PhD. ABPP-Cn, LP
Board Certified in Clinical Neuropsychology
Staff Neuropsychologist for the MN Wild (NHL Concussion Program)
Also affiliated with Noran Neurological Clinic

About Dr. Mosch’s Practice –  Positive Neuropsychology:

Dr. Mosch has a soft spot for older adults, with 16 years of experience in geriatric neuropsychology. Besides assessments, sports and performance consulting, design psychology (the use of neuropsychology in interior design such as diagnosis-specific design), Dr. Mosch also provides concussion awareness/education. www.positiveneuro.com 612-440-NEUR; sonia@positiveneuro.com.

For a printable PDF with this information, click here: HSStateFairAskTheExpert

For more information, contact:
HealthStar Home Health
Holly Eide
Area Manager
612-767-6272 (Office)
763-291-1572 (Cell)

HealthStar Home Health







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